I have lived and worked in both countries for many years.
I can honestly say that Germany is far superior and your family will have better long term prospects.
The Canadian economy is extremely reliant on resources and not manufacturing i.e. adding value like Germany and China. It is 100% reliant on the US to help drive it’s economy.
Very few European’s emigrate here anymore. The last big influx was after the second world war when Canada offered a safe haven. Today European countries are far more cosmopolitan and offer far more opportunities. Canadians are very proud of their volunteering especially food banks. In Europe and especially Germany there is no need for this as the state takes care of its poor. In Canada you see unemployed Accountants/Engineers working in liquor stores just to stop them going bankrupt.


Canadian’s average vacation is 2 weeks/ Germany 8 weeks. Most Canadians go to Cabins on lakes or travel to Mexico/US. Canada has extremely expensive air travel. In fact it often cheaper to fly to Europe than to fly internally.
Canada has 6 months of harsh weather. I have seen snow in every month of the year. During the summer months mosquitoes prevent you from enjoying the outdoors. Canada does have excellent winter sport facilities.


Germany has all the natural beauty of Canada but it has culture too. Finally, Canada has a huge problem with the first nations people. Millions of these people live on reserves (ghettos) isolated from the wider population. This is Canada’s dirty secrete that is little known outside of Canada.


Canada like the US is broken up into provinces. Unfortunately, these provinces are extremely powerful and often don’t cooperate. Trying to get things done Federally is difficult. Quebec is essentially another country and prevents the other provinces from building pipelines. The same applies to BC.


Canada has a tiny population and this means that most modern cities are many hundreds of kilometers apart. People generally don’t travel between cities. In Germany it is easy to visit other cities/towns/countries. Even if you do go to another city in Canada it will have the exact same stores and restaurants. There are a few exceptions Victoria/Montreal/Quebec city. The rest are all carbon copies.