'Mysterious headless beast' spotted in a tree turns out to be a CROISSANT after terrified locals in Poland called for help


The Krakow Animal Welfare Society received a panicked call from a local describing a mysterious creature that had been lurking in a tree for days


The woman said that people had been frightened to open their windows in case the beast came into their homes


Inspectors headed to the scene, only to discover that the creature in the tree, which appeared to have no head or legs, was actually a croissant

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Polish animal welfare officers were left baffled after being called out about a dangerous-looking animal, which turned out to be a croissant.


The Krakow Animal Welfare Society said in a Facebook post on Wednesday that the organisation had received a desperate call from a resident in the southern Polish city about a creature lurking in a tree.


'It's been sitting in a tree across the house for two days! People aren't opening their windows because they're afraid it will go into their house,' the caller was reported as saying, adding that the mysterious beast was brown.

据报道,打电话的人说:“它已经在房子对面的树上呆了两天了!人们不打开窗户,因为害怕它会跑进他们的房子里。” 他补充说,这只神秘的野兽是棕色的。

While animal welfare workers suggested it could be a bird of prey, the caller said it looked more like an iguana but she could not remember the lizard's name and initially called it a 'lagoon', potentially adding to the confusion.


Polish animal welfare officers were left baffled after being called out about a dangerous-looking animal, which turned out to be a croissant


Inspectors visited the area, concerned that a reptile may not survive in the cool spring temperatures.


They eventually spotted something in a lilac tree, noting that it had 'no legs or head'.


'We already knew that we could not help this creature... The mysterious 'lagoon'... turned out to be a croissant,' the society wrote on Facebook.

“我们已经知道我们帮不了这个家伙……神秘的‘泻湖’…… 原来是个羊角面包。”该协会在脸书上写道。
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It said it hoped that the bizarre incident, which it believed was genuine, would not discourage others from reporting their animal welfare concerns.


The society said it had gotten calls about abandoned cats, dogs, and even fish.


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