The proposed California ethnic studiescurriculum has made waves recently. The plan, rife with Islamism, antisemitism,and a whole bunch of other hatreds, has been put on ice after complaints ofJewish groups. Of course it was antisemitic — it can’t not be.


The curriculum will be revised to includethe Holocaust references and some other Jewish themes. It’s a good start, butnone of it addresses the underlying problem with that neo-Soviet agenda: thedivisive demagoguery, the substance-free jargon, and the requirement ofperformative activism. All of this is pushed on children who are alreadywell-roundly miseducated. I have little reason to doubt that the curriculumwill eventually be made a graduation requirement in California and other states— unless someone will make a fuss about it, that is.


I am very proud of my Russian Jewish heritage,of the crucial role we played in post-revolutionary Russian intelligentsia. Inmy culture, raising a well-rounded individual is one of the highestaccomplishments. Ask the people in our community why we moved to the UnitedStates, and hear again and again: “For the kids.” Yet here we are, failing themin one of the most important ways.


I know other ethnic minority communitieshave similar experiences. I’ve heard them yell at teachers and administrators.The most significant way America fails its immigrants is not “white supremacy”or the border crisis. We invite some of the most educated people from aroundthe world and put their children’s hearts, minds, and bodies into dehumanizinginstitutions we call “schools.”


What options do immigrants have?Homeschooling requires resources that are not always available. Besides, ourexperience shows that traditional public schools, when given the properstructure and curriculum, can teach very well. America had this veryeducational system 50 years ago — but, no, bureaucrats and special interestshad to tinker with it, and they continue destruction by “innovating.” We neededucational reactionaries to restore the once-working model.