Home-grown surprise summer hit Nezha has become the highest-grossing animated feature release in Chinese box-office history.


Chinese animation “Nezha” has proven itself China’s surprise hit of the summer, and is on track outstrip “Avengers: Endgame” to become China’s third highest-ever grossing film.

中国动画《哪吒》已经证明了自己在中国夏天的惊人成功,并有望超过《复仇者联盟: 终局》成为中国有史以来票房第三高的电影。

The folklore-inspired CG comedy-adventure came out of its second weekend with a cumulative take of 2.45 billion yuan (about $348 million USD) — surpassing the record previously set by Disney’s Zootopia (2016) and returning the top spot to a locally-produced toon after Monkey King: Hero Is Back (2015). Nezha is also now in the top 10 highest Chinese box-office earners over all.

这部以民间传说为灵感的 CG 喜剧——冒险片上映第二个周末,累计票房达到24.5亿元(约合3.48亿美元) ,超过了迪士尼《疯狂动物城》(2016年)创下的票房纪录,并在《大圣: 英雄归来》(2015年)之后重新夺回票房冠军。 如今,哪吒也是中国票房收入最高的前十名之一。

Loosely based on the 16th century novel Investiture of the Gods, the buzz-building film follows the transformative adventure of Nezha: a mythic deity who goes from being an impish a young hellion to becoming a powerful warrior-god protecting the world from dragons.

这部根据16世纪小说《封神演义》改编的电影讲述了哪吒的转变历程: 一个神话中的神,从一个顽皮的小坏蛋变成了一个强大的战神——保护世界免受龙的侵袭。